June 29, 2016

Hologram Heavy

I recently took a bit of a vacation from the shop.  A long vacation as well.  I shut down my shop for the entire month of May for many reasons.  One, I needed a break.  I love what I do but I also work constantly and figured I deserved a little time off.  Second I had a bit of a rebranding to do with my logo and a redesign of the whole shop.  On top of that I had a whole new hologram collection coming out for the reopening.  Enough to warrant a nice long shut down.

So for this post I wanted to feature one of the new pieces from the Fat Beats collection!  And not only was this a fun new set of clothing to offer, this collection also featured my first non gender specific clothing pieces!  Lots of people refer to these are men's style which by industry standards they are but let s me honest, these are made for and can be worn by anyone.  Which is why I decided to feature this non gender specific tank top!  It's is one of my all time faves from the collection fabric wise.  I love the pyramid pattern with the hologram foil print front with the solid black light weight cotton knit back.  I will be wearing this to many summer events this summer as it's perfect with so many looks and pairs well with jeans, shorts, shirts and more.  

Also make sure to click on the link for the Color Vision glasses!  Available in 3 colors, they are a must have for your summer!  

If you are interested in checking out these fabulous pieces click on the link below!

Details / Manny Pyramid Tank- Chubby Cartwheels / Jean Shorts (Women Within jeans cut off)- FullBeauty / Tights- Comfort Choice from FullBeauty / Shoes- Converse / 
Glasses- Chubby Cartwheels

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